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About Mrs. Gibble

Mrs. Gibble

Hello!  My name is Jessica Gibble and this is my first year at Whiting School!  I am very excited to meet the 4-5-6 grade students and their families.  I am originally from Arizona and have lived in Pennsylvania for the past 12 years.  I am thrilled to be moving to Vermont and begin this wonderful adventure.

This school year, I plan to incorporate project-based learning strategies where students can explore the learning environment, discuss questions/ learning to develop their thinking process and skill set.  I also plan to hold literature circle groups where students are able to analyze the books they are reading more in depth.  In these groups, they discuss vocabulary, genre, create questions, journal, and relate to the text in their own way. Each student will have a role and will be responsible for completing their part towards the success of the group as a whole.   Team work is very important to me and I feel we should always be encouraging the people around us to be successful and work together.  Another aspect of this year that I would like to share with you is that I will be incorporating technology into every lesson and/or activity that I can!  I feel providing students with opportunities to be successful with technology are important and helpful in their growth as learners. 

Please refer to classroom newsletters that will be sent home for more information about events happening in our classroom.

I am looking forward to a school year full of cooperative team work, accomplishing goals, and getting to know everyone in Whiting School.