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Classroom Pictures

Terabithia Dioramas

Bridge To Terabithia

Our drawings of our individual Terabithias and Giants!!!!!
Our field trip to the Billings Farm in Woodstock, Vermont was a wonderful way to wrap-up all that we have learned in our Social Studies units on Lewis & Clark, Westward Expansion, and changes in Vermont over time. We also went to the Sheldon Museum in Middlebury, Vermont and participated in a program that allowed us to walk through a Vermont 1800's home and choose objects to take with us in a covered wagon headed west. 

Billings Farm Field Trip

Geography Projects

Geography Projects from the Hawthorn class ~ Students created CD covers depicting visual clues to a specific US region with song titles on the back that give verbal clues. T-shirts with both visual and verbal clues to a specific US region. Students are now working on Smart board collages of clues to a region.

Tuck Everlasting dioramas

Dioramas from students' favorite scenes in Tuck
Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

Every Living Thing

Students' favorite scenes from the short stories 
in  Every Living Thing by Cynthia Rylant.

Classroom Pets

 Our Classroom pets are 2 goldfish and a red-eared slider turtle. the fish are 
named Mortichy and Rigby. Rigby is orange and white. Mortichy is gold and
black. Our turtle is named Margaret. 

Moving our Library

 The 4-5-6 students helped to remove our library books, dust the shelves, 
move the shelves, AND re-shelve all the books to make our classroom
 space larger! They re-discovered library books as they did this and also 
found some new titles they had not noticed before! What a great team effort. 
This amazing amount of work was accomplished in 40 minutes thanks
 to cooperation!

Geometry Project

5th & 6th Grade Geometry Projects to demonstrate proficiency with calculating the area, perimeter, and circumference of rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and circles.

Tuck Everlasting

Bulletin Board showing our work with the characters in Tuck Everlasting.

Mardi Gras Masks

The Hawthorn students paraded their Mardi Gras Masks to start our Thursday morning! thanks to Miss Gengras for such a fun and  creative recycled art project!!!!


Student Story of the Week 3/27/12

The Dangerous Choice

by: 5th Grade Student

            Once there was a man who went fishing.  He just bought brand new Banjo minnows and he wanted to try it out, so he went to Otter Creek.  It was  really sunny, and the water was low and really clear.  It was perfect for Northern Pike.  He cast out his Banjo minnow, and then…

            He was distracted by a noise in the woods behind him.  When he turned around to investigate the noise he saw the biggest mountain lion he had ever seen.  He froze and at the same time the Banjo minnow got a hit.  The man struggled with what to do.  If he chose to hook the fish on his line he would have to jerk the rod and risk having the mountain lion chase after him.  He decided……

            …to take a risk.  The shadow of the pike was too big to ignore, and if this was the end, it was okay by the man.  He snagged it with all his might, and the pike flew out of the water.  He could almost hear its teeth mashing in the air.  Everything seemed to slow down.  The man was staring at the fish, when suddenly the mountain lion let out a mighty roar and snatched it from mid air.  It landed, fish in mouth, and turned to look at the old man.  It winked, ran off, and the old man let out a sigh, thinking it was all a dream.  The best dream ever.  Would anybody believe him???





2012 Carbon Footprint Pride Project Presentation


 Students review an assortment of maps to support geography terms such as; latitude, longitude, equator, hemisphere, scale, legend, compass rose, cardinal and intermediate directions. The 5 themes of geography will be studied in-depth during this unit ~ location, region, movement, human/environment interaction, and place.
 Dioramas to illustrate the student's favorite scene from the book, Justin Morgan Had a Horse.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse projects


Lewis & Clark Expedition

Bulletin board of student work depicting their understanding of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Students created their own resumes and interviewed t be a part of this journey. The learning culminated in the viewing of the Ken Burns PBS video special on Lewis & Clark.
 Our visit to the Morgan Horse farm in Middlebury Vermont to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures and the main character in  Justin Morgan Had a Horse. Students learned about the origins of the Morgan horse and its many contributions to Vermont's heritage.

Morgan Horse Farm Visit


Mr. Popper's Penguins

 Dioramas from Mr. Popper's Penguins and bulletin board work. This unit culminated in the comparison of the book to the movie.
 Various photos of the students working on their 2011- 2012 Pride Project. Their theme this year was focusing an awareness on the issue of carbon footprinting and what it was doing to our environment through the lens of a polar bear.

Pride Project : Carbon Footprinting


Biography Reports

 Students in the 4-5-6 class read biographies on a chosen person and then created their own biography on that person based on events they could personally relate to. Sub-topics of this unit were writing bibliographies, quoting from text, summarizing,  and use of transition words to move their writing along.