Dear Parents,


            We are now into November and this is the time of year where we work hard until the holidays finally come!  Just a few quick notes:


            *I have signed our classroom up at Scholastic Book Club website.  When book orders come home, you may choose to send your order back to school so I may enter the order OR you may choose to enter the order at home.  If you choose to enter it at home, it will ask you to enter your classroom access code.  Our classroom code is LPRXB.  Using this code will ensure that our classroom earns points for orders and that our library can expand! 


            *Exciting news!!!  We are re-organizing our library.  I am creating a library organized by genre (with the SU) where books will be provided that are based on students interests.  Doing this re-vamp of the library involves reading observations, assessments, and discussing interests with your children.  Reading is fun when it is interesting to the child.  So I want to support this fact and make our library more student- centered.  For literary skill practice, we are still using the Daybooks & leveled readers for literature circle.


            *In math, each group has really been working hard.  Our first week of math homework went well.  Students came in with questions that we were able to address so that they may continue to work confidently at home.  Thank you for helping and being involved in this.  We have a group moving on to double- digit multiplication, another group finishing up factor and multiple lists consisting of finding the LCM & GCF.  Our last group is just diving into dividing fractions and they are excited!


            * In social studies we have begun operation “VOTE!”  Students will be accompanying Mr. Corey to the voting polls to see what it’s all about.  There will be a table set up for kids to vote.  Please notify me on whether your child will be going with you to vote (so they may cast their “kids vote” as well) or if they are to cast their “kids vote” while visiting with Mr. Corey.  Letting me know will ensure each child has the chance to take part in a vote.  Students will also be handing out pamphlets full of information on why they thinking voting is an important duty, why a citizen should vote, and how they vote in school. 


*Parent teacher conferences will be November 26th through the 30th.  I am looking forward to this time to meet with all of you and discuss your children’s successes. 


            * Please feel free to respond to any newsletter. Feedback is great!  Hope to hear from and see all of you soon!




                                                                                                Mrs. Gibble


Dear Parents,                                                                                         


            I have really been enjoying the change to the fall season here in Vermont.  It is beautiful!  Students have been participating in project- based learning activities and art projects that involve analyzing and recording the characteristics of the fall season.


            I am sending home a letter about Xtra Math (fact fluency) that you can participate in with your child.  Please notify me if you would like to participate and that you successfully signed up your child at home.  This is a great way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with your children outside of a school setting.  Furthermore, I will start assigning math homework on Mondays and it will be due on Fridays.  I understand your children are involved in after school activities and that life happens.  This ensures children have enough time to complete the math practice and are also able to come see me with any questions they may have during the week. 


            For social studies, students are finishing up their short films advocating for a certain issue.  After this we are moving into voting.  Students will be researching both Presidential Candidates, creating a flyer including all of their research that they have been collecting on responsibilities and exciting facts about being a United States Citizen.  These flyers will hopefully be able to be placed at voting booths November 6th.  Your children have been really excited about the voting process and very interested in how our 45th President will be chosen.  Please share with them all the different ways you research who you vote for. 


            We have been working very hard in the classroom and I enjoy spending the day learning with your kids’.  working together, listening skills, and being a good role-model for all students in our school are characteristics we have been working really hard on. 


                                                                                    Mrs. Gibble


      Gibble and Her Bits

In math the 6th Graders have begun identifying factors and multiples of numbers using factor trees and manipulatives.  We have been exploring the vast vocabulary in mathematics as well.  We have also been practicing our adding/ subtracting of fractions and began researching the multiplication of fractions. 4th and 5th grade have been working hard creating double digit multiplication problems using base ten blocks.  These wonderful pieces from Bridges Math Program help students complete higher level multiplication problems.  Students have also been enjoying their project-based learning opportunities with Mr. Corey and Mr. McCuen each week.  Please read the writing pieces submitted by students in this newsletter.


In social studies we have been discussing the responsibilities and duties of being a United States Citizen.  We have discussed responsibilities, duties, and the rights of citizenship in the United States.  They have also researched ways to contribute to the common good locally, state-wide, and nation-wide.  Finally, we have begun brainstorming topics to advocate for.  They have watched videos of other students who have advocated for their town river and to stop bullying.  We will be making commercials advocating for a specific topic chosen by students.


In reading we have been continuing our literature circle roles as a whole group each week.  Students practice skills such as summarizing, analyzing, questioning, and connecting to their reading.  Daybooks also extend practice using these skills.


In writing we will be starting to work on handwriting and typing.  Once a week, students will meet with Mrs. Dennis to practice typing skills or meet with me for print/ cursive practice.  I believe this is an essential part of becoming a better writer.  We have also been working on grammar skills and the composition of writing a good piece.


Thank you for joining in on our fun!



Dear Parents,


          We are officially three weeks into our school year and I would like to keep you informed on how our school year has unfolded thus far.


          First, because we have so many new faces in our school (including mine), I felt that we should spend the first few days participating in “getting to know you activities” or “ice breakers” and familiarizing ourselves with our new “Responsive Classroom” design.  It was very nice to hear your children talk about their interests, backgrounds, and curricular goals. 


          In math we have been reviewing information, graphing, and analyzing data.  Your child will be taking the NECAP in October on previously introduced information, so reviewing and bringing this information back to the surface will help students prepare for what’s ahead.  In a few weeks we will begin separating into groups and jumping into our math lessons.


          In reading, we began our literature circles.  This on-going activity is new to the children and has already been fruitful in our classroom. The book we are beginning to read is called “Maniac Magee”.  Each week we switch roles and complete a new reading assignment in our reading book.  Your child has also picked out a book from our library which they will be continuing to read during DEAR time.  These books are able to be taken home and will become a part of their 20 minute reading homework every night.  Please share in this reading time with your child and sign off on your child’s reading log as they complete this assignment.


          We have also started spelling this week and the students will be receiving their new words this week.  Our student writing journals have been christened with their first entries. My goal is to respond weekly to their entries and have these come home with your child on Fridays for your review.  This week we have also begun to work on sentence types and rephrasing a question and/ or subject as we begin our grammar lessons as well.


In social studies, we have been discussing what it means to be a citizen of the United States and how to uphold your citizenship in a positive way.  As election time draws near, please discuss your role as a contributing United States citizen with your child. 


          Another item we took care of last week was getting organized.  We handed out books, folders, and necessary student materials.  One book we were unable to hand out was the student agenda books.  Because of some last minute changes, some materials were in short supply.  We are waiting on three more books and then I can hand these out to students.  Furthermore, because of this dilemma, you may have noticed that students have not received homework.  Rest assured, they have been working hard in the classroom and I hope to get this taken care of soon.


In a responsive classroom setting, homework is usually not assigned for the first three weeks of school as students are adjusting to being back in the classroom. 

With that said, we have been able to dive into are our Daybooks, DEAR books, math journals, and writing journals in the classroom.


Our read aloud book has also become a big hit!  We are reading “Al Capone Does My Shirts”.  This book is about a 12 year old boy living on Alcatraz Island because his father works for the jail.  This book has sparked interest amongst the students in Alcatraz Island and we have since taken a virtual tour via the internet.


          I look forward to meeting all of you during our parent’s night at Whiting, September 18th at 7pm. Please feel free to contact me anytime with comments, suggestions or concerns at or by calling the school. 




Mrs. Gibble

 *A reminder to check-out the Whiting school website at: to           view pictures of class trips and projects. 5th & 6th grade have begun their We-Tu project with Mr. Corey and           pictures will be posted soon.  4th grade will be starting a nature project with Mr. McCuen (our BI in the                       classroom) and pictures of that will be posted soon as well.

*A reminder that students are expected to go outside for recess during the winter unless we have received a note that he or she cannot participate due to an injury. Students do need snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves or mittens along with a warm, winter coat. If a child is not well enough to participate in recess, they should be kept home until they are fully recovered.

 *Water bottles are important during our cold months! The air is on the dry side in our classroom and having access to water keeps students alert and healthy. We actually succumb to dehydration faster in the colder temperatures than the warmer ones! Water bottles will be sent home on Friday to be washed but students are welcome to bring them home each day if they choose to.

 *A reminder that students are assigned 20 minutes of reading each night in addition to studying their spelling words. The spelling word lists are at a developmental level so as students progress through a unit at their own pace, they receive a new list of words to sort and study. 

*Math homework is always an extension of what was learned and practiced in class that day or a review of the unit. Students are always welcome to see me in the morning with any questions.