Fire Safety Month

posted Oct 28, 2011, 11:15 AM by Suzanne Denis

Ms. Zauli’s, Ms. Smith’s and Mrs. Ladago’s classes along with Sudbury School and local home schoolers went to the Whiting Fire Station for fire safety tour on Wednesday, October 26th. The firemen served hot dogs and chips and the Abbey Group provided macaroni and cheese with cake and milk. Thanks to the Fire Department for a great learning experience.

Ms. Smith’s class goes to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum…

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One thing that I have done so far in this school year is go to the Maritime Museum for a field trip. Going to the Maritime Museum was fun because we made tinfoil boats. The tinfoil boats were tested for how much weight in pennies it could
hold before it sank. We also went on a flat bottom boat. The boat was copied from a Revolutionary War boat. Flat bottom boats can hold more weight than a roundbottom. That is important because the Revolutionary War boat had a lot of cannons. We also made little tug boats out of wood. My favorite part was when the tinfoil boats sank. That was one of the times that I had a lot of fun this year. By Grade 3 Student

Volume 2

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Mrs. Roy’s Class

              The 4-5-6 class picked the name Hawthorn as our new class name because this year’s theme is Vermont flowers.  We all liked the name and the majority voted on it.  In math everybody is learning about data with graphs, charts, and line plots.  In science, we are learning about the things both plants and animals are made of, even us of us, CELLS! It is so fun! We are learning what is inside the cell.  We are reading Regarding the Fountain in reading group. We have not started the book yet but know it is full of idioms. An example of an idiom is, “He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed” or, “Her directions were clear as a bell”. We need to memorize vocabulary words from the book and are doing this with flash cards and by playing a game called ‘I Have Who Has’. We are going to compete against Sudbury’s 5th and 6th grade and we might win ICECREAM! As you can see, the Hawthorns have been very busy!  - Ben Crawford, 5th Grade

 Ms. Zauli’s Class

  Our class is split between kindergarten and first grade. Ms. Zauli teaches the first graders while the kindergartners are doing other things, like handwriting. Then she switches groups.

   We have been learning about butterflies. We have read books, done math, and writing in our science journals. We also let the butterflies go outside. I brought caterpillars in and Smith also brought one in. The caterpillars got into their chrysalis and then they hatched.

   We are just starting insects. They have six legs and we are learning about lady bugs. We are reading a story about lady bugs. -Elizabeth Crawford - 1st Grade



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The first week is typically characterized by an avalanche of school papers and forms coming home, many requiring signatures and sign-offs needing to be returned to school. They’re all important, some are critical to get ASAP in fact (i.e. the emergency contact and medical information form), and we ask that they come back to school by Monday. As always, please call/check in with the school for any clarification or questions. We know filling all these forms out is a huge deal, and we thank you for getting through and returning them.



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September 20th   6:30-7:30

 The Open House is a night for families and students to come Back To School to meet teachers, staff, and the new principalJ. This is a good time to check out classrooms and other learning spaces, tour around the school, and meet their new friends. Please consider bringing a dessert to add to the dessert table, too. All donations will be gratefully accepted.



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Clipping Box Tops earns cash for our school, every time you shop for groceries! Clip box tops from hundreds of your favorite products. Each box top is worth 10 cents, and that adds upfast! FOWS needs to send in our bundle by Oct. 20, so ifyou have any to send in to school, that would be great! Visit for eligible products list and for more info. Yankee Candle orders are also due so FOWS can submit the orders and guarantee their return by Thanksgiving. We did amazingly well last year, and we’re hoping to do even better this year. Big All-School Celebration if we do. Thank you for participating in the FOWS Fall Fundraiser and all the ways that parents and friends of Whiting School support learning and growing.


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