Support Services

Special Services

Special services includes early essential education ( 3-5 yrs old), special education (5-21 yrs old) and prevention and Intervention services as well as coordinating Medicaid.

All special education personnel are centralized and fall under the RNESU central office. This includes school psychologists, special education teachers, speech/language pathologists, early essential education teachers, para-professionals and contracted staff (i.e. occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavior specialists) serving our students.

Although the Director of Special Services is responsible for all the overall provision of services throughout the supervisory union, the Coordinator of Special Education @ OVUHS, is directly responsible for the supervision and evaluation of all faculty and staff at Otter Valley Union High School and the Coordinator of Out of District/Off Sites is directly responsible for all programs and services occurring within the OV North Campus.

Our belief that all of our schools can effectively teach all of our children/students stems from the practice of including all students in regular education classrooms. When it is necessary for students to receive special education services those programs, strategies, and procedures are designed and employed to supplement, enhance and support the general curriculum.

Our Core Assumptions are:

  • Our educational system can effectively teach all children.

  • Early intervention is critical to preventing problems from getting out of control.

  • High quality instruction includes staff collaboration, trust, commitment and effective supports for students.

  • The implementation of a multi-tiered service delivery model is necessary.

  • A problem solving model should be used to make decisions between tiers.

  • Research based interventions should be implemented to the extent possible.

  • Progress monitoring must be implemented to inform instruction.

  • Data should drive decision making.

The Director also serves as the Supervisory Union's Harassment Coordinator and Equity Officer as well as the consultant for Section 504.

If you have any questions pertaining to special education or Section 504, feel free to contact Marsha F. Bruce, Director of Special Services at (802) 247-5757 or any one of our district schools.

Special Services Team

Marsha F. Bruce - Director of Special Services

Kristine Evarts - Coordinator of Special Education @ OV
Beth Ripley - Special Education Admin Assistant/Medicaid Clerk

Pam Parker - Special Education Admin Assistant
Becky Dwyer - Secretary to the Evaluation Team